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“Better Elections for Santa Clara” is a campaign led by Santa Clarans to improve our democracy by passing Measure A on June 5, 2018.

Outside groups are suing Santa Clara for violating the CA Voting Rights Act. Our voting system is likely to be ruled illegal because the city's diversity is not reflected in its elected officials.

Some from outside our city would like to split Santa Clara into 7 districts and not let us elect our mayor any longer.

Measure A is a better way to make our elections fairer. It was made for Santa Clara by Santa Clarans through an intensive charter review process. That’s why the city council voted unanimously to put it on the ballot.


What is Measure A?

Measure A is a charter amendment on the ballot in the June election that would allow us to use Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in all city elections, including for our directly-elected mayor, city clerk, chief of police and city council seats. The city council would be elected from two districts, each with three seats, to help ensure more balanced neighborhood representation.

Why Should We Change Our Elections?

Measure A would replace the current voting system that's been challenged under the California Voting Rights Act with a better system that gives us greater voice to elect the candidates we like best and honors our city's demography.

Measure A will

  • Provide the right balance of electing Santa Clara leaders who care about the interests of the city as a whole and the needs of our neighborhoods
  • Improve representation of diverse opinions and concerns on the council
  • Provides for majority rule while still giving the minority their fair share of representation.
  • Make our city elections more civil and fair.


Make your vote more powerful! Vote Yes on Measure A in the June 2018 election.

Additional official information from the City of Santa Clara about Measure A is available here.


[ Paid for by Better Elections for Santa Clara: Yes on Measure A ]